On October 19, 2016, Medicine Hat conducted its second Homeless Count. The Medicine Hat Community Housing Society coordinates the Homeless Count as part of our work supporting At Home in Medicine Hat - Our Plan to End Homelessness.

This count serves two important functions: it provides a current snapshot of our overall homeless population and enables us to examine how this population changes over time.  Ultimately, this helps us to inform solutions to support the goal on ending homelessness in our communities. 

A total of 33 people were enumerated on the night of the count. 

6% were enumerated as unsheltered, 27% provincially accommodated and the remaining 67% of individuals were emergency sheltered. All of the 33 enumerated individuals participated in the survey and the following demographic trends emerged:

-       The average age of the individual enumerated was 31
-       The gender breakdown was 52% (17 individuals) females and 48% (16 individuals) Males.
-       In addition to the 33 individuals enumerated, 13 dependants were reported. 
-       18% (8 individuals) of those surveyed self-identified as Aboriginal - First Nations, 3% (1 individual) who identified as Metis and 12% (4 individuals) who identified as Non-Status.