Where can I go?

McMan Inn-Between

178 South Ridge Drive SW – 403.529.6367

The McMan Inn-Between has a 6-bed site. 1 bed is available for community youth; the remaining beds are funded by Child and Family Services Authority.

Salvation Army Shelter

737 8 Street SE – 403.526.9699

The Salvation Army operates a 30-bed capacity adult shelter.

Medicine Hat Women’s Shelter

Please call 403.529.1091 or 800.661.7949 (toll-free)

The Medicine Hat Women’s Shelter Society operates a 30-bed capacity shelter for women & children fleeing violence called the Phoenix Safe House.

Who else should I call?

Alberta Works After-Hours Emergency Number

Phone: 866.644.5135

If you need some emergency financial assistance after regular business hours, you may call this phone number.

Medicine Hat Community Housing Society

Housing Assessment & Triage Phone: 403.527.4507 ext 114

Anyone that is homeless or at risk of imminent homelessness, can meet with a Housing Assessment and Triage worker to discuss possible resources that be able to access to assist with your current situation.

What can I expect?

When you arrive at a shelter, there will be a staff person there to greet you. That person will have some intake paperwork to complete with you.

Shelter staff will be available to explain the process of staying in shelter as well as what the rules and guidelines are of the shelter (these may change depending on which shelter you go to). Shelter staff will also be able to help connect you with the Housing Assessment and Triage program, if you have not already spoken with them.

I am staying in a shelter or couch-surfing

It will be important to talk to our Housing Assessment and Triage (HAT) worker. They will be able to connect you with the appropriate resources and programs to help you get re-housed.

The Housing Assessment and Triage workers can meet with you in our office or, they can meet with you in shelter if that is where you are currently staying.

I have a Notice to Vacate

There are many different reasons why you might receive a Notice to Vacate (NTV). The first thing you want to do is make sure you understand your NTV, as there are instances where the NTV can be cancelled. You can click here for more information. If your NTV cannot be cancelled, or you need to know more about what resources there are in the community to help, you can contact our Housing Assessment and Triage team.

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