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Medicine Hat Community Housing Society leads change in the community and also recognizes that ending homelessness is a collaborative effort not only in our local community but that this collaboration also extends provincially and nationally. The CBO/CE actively shares practices, processes, policies, and knowledge with those across the province and the country, that are already delivering housing first, and those that are starting to consider delivering housing first.

The local leadership and support provided by the Community Council on Homelessness has been vital in the implementation of our local plan. These efforts are furthered by the unique partnership and leadership of the 7 Cities on Housing and Homelessness that work to drive change provincially and nationally.

7 Cities on Housing & Homelessness

The 7 Cities on Housing and Homelessness (7 Cities) is a collaborative forum comprised of representation from each the 7 major urban cities in Alberta. The overall purpose of the 7 Cities is to provide a forum and collective voice to address issues of common interest and concern in the implementation of individual community plans to end homelessness in Alberta.  The 7 Cities also provides a forum for dialogue with the federal and provincial representatives on housing and homelessness.

7 Cities was founded in 2001 when seven housing and homeless Community Based Organizations (CBOs; also known as Community Advisory Boards [CABs] to the Government of Canada) in Alberta created a forum to share experiences, exchange ideas, support and learn from one another.  Over the past decade, the group has become known for its expertise in issues related to housing and homelessness and is viewed as a leader in the communities it represents.

Today, the Government of Alberta recognizes the seven CBOs as the lead local implementing bodies for community 10 year plans to end homelessness under the Plan for Alberta.  The CBO's administer funding on behalf of Human Services that targets interventions and supports to move people from homelessness into permanent housing.

Plans to End Homelessness

The 7 Cities have worked collectively since 2001 on issues of homelessness in Alberta. While significant progress has been made in each community, the Provincial commitment to end homelessness in 2009 significantly impacted how we approached our work, prioritized our funding and engaged our communities. Ending homelessness is a commitment to permanent solutions and not managing a problem.

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