Community Housing

Family with children and adults with special needs may apply for our Community Housing program, which offers barrier free housing to those who require significant support services, as well as those who are able to live independently with minimal support.

Maximum Household Income

The MHCHS manages 193 Family and 30 Special Needs housing units throughout Medicine Hat. These units are available for households with low or modest incomes. The chart below identifies the maximum income per household depending on the number of bedrooms required by the household, as determined by the Government of Alberta.

Accomodation Type

  • Bachelor
  • One Bedroom
  • Two Bedroom
  • Three Bedroom
  • Four Bedroom
  • Five Bedroom

Maximum Household Income

  • $25,000
  • $29,500
  • $35,000
  • $45,000
  • $52,000
  • $53,500


Generally, rental fees for a housing unit make up 30% of the household’s total combined income, unless the household is a recipient of a social allowance or designated Alberta Grant Funding, in which case rent is based on rates determined by the Social Allowance Rental Rate Schedule (under the Social Housing Accommodation Regulation).

Other Costs

While heat, water, waste removal, and sewer costs are included in the rental fees, tenants are responsible for their own electricity expenses. This means that the primary household applicant must have a utility account with the City of Medicine Hat Utility Department before applying to participate in the Community Housing program.

Annual Evaluations

The MHCHS evaluates all family housing and special needs housing tenants on an annual basis to determine their continued eligibility for the program, as well as to calculate new rental fees based on any changes in the household’s income. Tenants are responsible for advising the MHCHS of such changes to household income and family composition throughout the year and upon request.


If you are considering applying for the MHCHS’s Community Housing program, you are required to complete a Standard Application Form. This form is also available at the Medicine Hat Community Housing Society Social Housing office at:

516 3rd Street SE, #104
Medicine Hat, AB
T1A 0H3

For more information on eligibility requirements and how to apply, please call 403.527.4507

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